How ‘Better Call Saul’ Would Have Looked If Pixar Made It

Better Call Saul is over. Sad news! It can also restart immediately by pressing play on season 1, episode 1. Great news! As you’re waiting for it to load, check out this video from yo chill bruh which envisions what a Pixar version of the Jimmy McGill Lawyering Hour would look like. Spoiler alert: characters … Read more

Dhoka Round D Corner trailer: Prepare to be backstabbed by Madhavan’s AltBalaji-level thriller

T-Series has debuted the first trailer for Dhoka: Round D Corner, which isn’t a comedy, despite what that title might suggest. Dhoka: Round D Corner is actually a dramatic thriller about a femme fatale ‘housewife’ who tries to take revenge of some kind against her husband. R Madhavan plays the husband, who in the opening … Read more

McLovin It: An Oral History of ‘Superbad’

At 13, Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg didn’t connect to the standard ’90s teen comedies that were coming out in theaters. Instead, they were drawn to films like Clerks, Swingers, Out of Sight, Pulp Fiction, and The Daytrippers. So they started writing their own movie: a comedy about two kids trying to find alcohol and … Read more

Jonah Hill Reveals ‘Stutz’ Documentary, Shares Mental Health Diagnosis

The actor/director said he will take a break from promotional duties on all upcoming projects due to mental health issues. Oscar nominee Jonah Hill has announced his latest directorial effort, the documentary “Stutz,” a chronicle of his mental health issues featuring his personal therapist. The film “explores mental health in general” and will provide therapy … Read more

Jonah Hill Won’t Promote Films Due to Mental Health, Anxiety Attacks

Jonah Hill has released an open letter in which he announced that he will no longer promote his own movies for the foreseeable future in order to continue working on his mental health. Hill’s upcoming projects include a new documentary he directed titled “Sputz” and Netflix’s comedy movie “You People,” which Hill co-wrote with director … Read more

Kevin Smith’s Abandoned DC Project Could’ve Starred Harrison Ford Or John Goodman As A Classic Comic Character

Smith previously discussed his involvement with “Strange Adventures” on an episode of his “Hollywood Babble-On” podcast. More recently, he delved just a bit deeper into the topic on another one of his podcasts, “Fatman Beyond.” Smith had previously explained that the episode would have seen Daily Planet reporter Jimmy Olsen and head of the paper … Read more