Join the Aka PC Closed Beta

NEOWIZ is thrilled to announce that the first-ever PC closed beta testing event for its unique indie title Aka started earlier this week. Players who applied for CBT testing during registration will receive Steam keys and can play a vertical slice of the game from now until Tuesday, August 23rd. Thanks to the Steam Playtest … Read more

How much are your old board games and video games worth?

From board games, to pinball machines, to video games – gaming has come a long way over the years. Most of us have bought different types of games over many decades, some of which we’ve held onto, unsure of what exactly to do with them. Watch: Adam McDonald values ​​a variety of games in the … Read more

FarmVille 2 celebrates its 10th anniversary with several in-game events

Farmville 2the web version of the well-known FarmVille series, has begun a multi-week celebration comprised of various in-game activities building up to its 10th anniversary on September 6, according to Zyngaa global leader in interactive entertainment. Celebrate the 10th anniversary of FarmVille 2 with exciting events Image via Zynga Building on the popularity of the … Read more

Random: The Stardew Valley Subreddit Keeps Making Very Convincing Fake Relationship Advice Posts

Reddit may be known for a lot of unsavory things, but it’s also a repository for some of the most entertaining stories and peeks into other people’s lives, largely in the form of AITA (Am I The Asshole) and relationship advice posts. These usually unfold with the poster detailing some egregiously horrible/hilarious issue that they’re … Read more

PS5, PS4’s Hogwarts Legacy Has Some Magical Soundscapes

Subscribe to Push Square on Youtube So often, the audio in games gets completely overlooked, but you always notice when the sound is bad. (Yes, we’re looking specifically at you, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.) Hogwarts Legacy, however, has been eager to flex its audio with a series of ASMR videos – and no, there’s none of … Read more