Moments We Hope to See From the Books

Rick Riordan’s Greek-themed book series is one of the best out there – everything from gods and monsters to the sassiest yet charming protagonist ever written. Tea Percy Jackson series is beloved by readers of all ages, some who grew up with the books and those who are reading them now and has seen the characters grow and branch out into other series.

But even with the incredible writing within the books, the series has gotten several adaptations that have been met with mixed feelings, including a Broadway musical. Rick Riordan has fought tooth and nail to get his books the adaptation it deserves, and it seems Disney+ is promising the author and audiences exactly that. The series has its main cast, which Riordan has defended and supported with all his heart, and filming has already gotten underway.


With movies and musicals that have left out some of the fans’ favorite details and moments, we’re hoping the new series might be able to fit in a little more from the books. Here are just a few things dedicated readers and viewers hope to see in the upcoming The Lightning Thief series.

Supreme Lord of the Bathroom

Percy’s story begins with his normal life being infiltrated by the world of ancient Greek craziness as he is swept off to Camp Halfblood, where he will be claimed by a previously absent godly parent and will come into his powers. As Percy tries to settle into camp, he’s taunted and bullied by feisty Clarisse, a daughter of Ares. As she corners Percy in the bathroom to “initiate” him by shoving his head down the toilet, Percy’s emotions rise, and suddenly water shoots out from the toilets and straight at Clarisse.

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This is just the beginning of Percy’s powers showing themselves, and he only becomes more powerful as he goes. This moment of hilarity matches Percy’s personality perfectly while still showing he has great potential. Audiences love to see a young kid come into their powers in these types of stories, and Rick Riordan does a great job of showing powers grow in various kinds of funny moments (but it only gets more intense from here).

Grover Talking to Animals

Percy’s best friend and guardian, Grover, is a satyr with many unique abilities, including talking to animals. This is something that got pretty overlooked in the movies, but that adds some charm to the stories while also helping to keep the plot moving.

Percy, Grover, and Annabeth are on their way to meet Hades, who they blame for starting a war among the gods, but soon run out of money. They meet a pink poodle who Grover talks to and asks for help; the poodle tells them it ran away from home but that its owner has a nice reward out for its return and says that the trio can bring it home to claim the money for their journey. Everyone loves some wholesome animal content, and Grover’s abilities help the story more than he’s often given credit for.

Having moments like these in the series would give his character more agency and make him more than just a sidekick, which is honestly what he deserves.

The Mist and Iris-Messaging

These underlying parts of the world of the Olympians have not been properly adapted into film, so let’s hope the series does it better. The Mist is what protects all things mythical from the eyes of average humans and comes from the powers of the goddess Hecate. The Mist was shown in the Sea of ​​Monsters movie as something applied like perfume, not as something omnipresent, which makes it much more difficult to use and the inconsistency of it is confusing.

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Then there’s the funny demigod version of IMing – or, as they know it, Iris-Messaging – in which they can have a face-to-face call via water and rainbows thanks to the messenger goddess Iris. This method of communication also hasn’t been used in an adaptation even though it is constantly used throughout multiple series by Rick Riordan (since, as readers will know, Greek gods aren’t the only ones out there).

Both of these details that create a much more grounded idea of ​​the world of the demigods and the mythology they’re surrounded by would help audiences get a better grasp on the world and story they’re diving into. Plus, it would be a great way to use some really cool special effects in the show for something other than just powers.

Stabbing the God of War

There are plenty of stories and depictions of gods of war, all of them showing just how ferocious and terrifying they can be. The same goes for the Greek god Ares, who often appears in a mortal form in the books as some kind of scary biker or other fearsome figure. Ares is not one to be trifled with, but when it’s revealed that Ares was the one who started a war amongst the gods, Percy challenges him to a fight. Even though Percy is a twelve-year-old boy still getting the hang of his abilities, that doesn’t stop him from fighting for what he knows is right.

During their duel, Percy manages to cut Ares’ heel with his sword Riptide, and the god of war flees. This moment from the books would be great to see come to life in the series not only for the fight choreography but also because it highlights Percy’s morality and willingness to fight for the people and things he cares about.

There are a lot of things that fans are hoping this Disney+ series will get right this time, as well as these moments and more that we want to make it in. The Percy Jackson books have so much wit and charm, as well as hilarious and heartfelt moments and intense battles and monsters. There’s a lot to love in the books, and hopefully, the show will be able to bring all its best qualities and moments to life.

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