Is West Nile Virus Getting Bad Again?

Photo: STEKLO (Shutterstock) West Nile virus has been found in a record number of mosquitoes in the New York City area, with at least two cases known to have occurred in humans. If you weren’t around for the last big West Nile panic about 20 years ago, you might be wondering just what this disease … Read more

Join the Aka PC Closed Beta

NEOWIZ is thrilled to announce that the first-ever PC closed beta testing event for its unique indie title Aka started earlier this week. Players who applied for CBT testing during registration will receive Steam keys and can play a vertical slice of the game from now until Tuesday, August 23rd. Thanks to the Steam Playtest … Read more

Body from Montrose Harbor ID’d as Francisco Gonzalez, is not person missing from Chicago ‘Playpen,’ officials say

CHICAGO (WLS) — A body has been pulled from Montrose Harbor, hours after a person went missing in the water in Chicago’s “Playpen” area of ​​Lake Michigan Wednesday night, according to CPD. The body of a 38-year-old Chicago man was discovered in the 200-block of West Montrose Drive just after 12:20 am Thursday. Chicago fire … Read more

Russian Ammunition Depot 9 Miles From Ukraine’s Border Catches Fire

A Russian ammunition depot located about nine miles from the Ukrainian border caught fire Thursday, forcing residents of two nearby settlements to evacuate, according to local authorities. Vyacheslav Gladkov, the governor of Belgorod region, confirmed the fire in a Telegram post, saying that the latest reports indicated there were no casualties. Gladkov wrote in the … Read more

The clearest ever image of Saturn has been captured

An astrophotographer has taken his clearest ever picture of Saturn while it made its closest approach to Earth this year. Our planet moved almost directly between Saturn and the sun on Sunday, in an annual celestial event known as ‘opposition’. This is the moment when the gas giant is closest to us and is in … Read more

Farewell, Nazem Kadri. You wrote yourself forever into book of Avs legends. Even if last chapter broke our hearts.

Adrienne Ruth told herself she wouldn’t cry. She lied. “If he had come back and not had the same year, or had the same presence, it kind of sours the story,” Ruth, a longtime Avs fan and Nazem Kadri family confidant, told me Thursday after word got out that the Avs’ Stanley Cup hero/provocateur had … Read more