Return Debunks Ludicrous Rumor Claiming Sony Paid to Keep Cult of the Lamb Off Xbox Game Pass

God, how do these rumors gain traction? It would appear that people are incapable of using their brains. Following on from Microsoft’s insinuation that Sony is paying to keep games off Xbox Game Pass – a notion that’s already misleading, as the Redmond firm is really referring to bog-standard marketing deals – a podcast rumor … Read more

This Is Every Game Dev the Embracer Group Owns

Swedish juggernaut corp Embracer Group woke up feeling dangerous – and purchased another enormous chunk of the video game industry as a result. The holding company now has approximately 120 game developers under its umbrella, spread across a vast array of divisions and subsidiaries all over the globe. We thought, given the sheer number of … Read more

Embracer Group Acquires Limited Run Games, Lord Of The Rings IP & More

Image: Warner Bros./New Line Cinema Swedish video game company Embracer Group has acquired not one but multiple companies and IP for an undisclosed sum. In a series of press releases, Embracer announced the acquisition of Tripwire Interactive (KillingFloor, maneater, Rising Storm), Tuxedo Labs (tear down), Singtrix (vocal processing effects tech), physical distributor Limited Run Games, … Read more

Nintendo Says It’s “Actively Investigating” Most Recent Misconduct Claims

Picture: Nintendo Yesterday, Kotaku published a report with a new round of accusations against both Nintendo of America and contracting firm Aston Carter. In an update, the same outlet has now seen an internal message (sent out by NoA’s president Doug Bowser to employees) regarding the “media coverage involving claims made about worker conduct”. Here’s … Read more

New Report Alleges Sexual Harassment And Discrimination At Nintendo Of America

Picture: Nintendo Content warning: Please be aware that the following article and the sources linked within touch on topics including discrimination and sexual harassment. In a disturbing report published by Kotaku, it is alleged that contractors working at Nintendo of America through contracting firm Aerotek have been subjected to “years” of sexual harassment and discrimination … Read more

Reggie: Nintendo Was Working On A Device Like Xbox’s Adaptive Controller

Image: Xbox Accessibility is something that needs a lot more attention in the video game space, and one company helping to make people more aware of this is Microsoft’s gaming division at Xbox. The team released the Xbox Adaptive Controller in 2018 and has also published guidelines to help developers and publishers make their own … Read more

Everything You Need To Know – Times, Dates, Games, And Announcements

It’s August, and that means that Geoff Keighley’s Never-Ending Train Of Games is chugga-chuggin’ into Cologne, Germany for the E3-of-Europe, Gamescom. Get ready for a bunch of announcements (maybe), reveals (probably), and free game promo T-shirts that are only available in one size (definitely) as Gamescom unfolds over five days, featuring most of the big … Read more

Theater Review: Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde is dynamism and intensity personified

Audiences watching Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde either know the drill or at least have some concept of what happens. But it’s a testament to kip-williams and the Sydney Theater Company that this production bedazzles and surprises. This is a rendering that is brimming with so many different layers, that it is … Read more

This Unity Tech Demo Running on PS5 Is Super Impressive, and We Ain’t Lion

Subscribe to Push Square on Youtube Engine tech demos give us a glimpse at what’s to come in the world of video game visuals. We’ve already seen several examples, with Unreal Engine 5 being a prime example with its amazing ancient city and that playable Matrix demo. However, Unity has been in on the action … Read more