Trevor Noah Blames Ripley’s For Damaged Marilyn Monroe Dress

Trevor Noah has weighed in on America’s #1 scandal, and no, it’s not the January 6 hearings. It’s Kim Kardashian damaging an iconic Marilyn Monroe dress by wearing it to the Met Gala. Earlier in the week, photos from The Marilyn Monroe Collection revealed the dress’ condition after Kardashian wore it on the red carpet, and there is noticeable wear and tear to the historic costume, including several missing crystals.

While Kardashian has been widely blasted for damaging Monroe’s dress, the blame has started to shift towards Ripley’s for allowing her to even wear it in the first place. (The Academy Museum reportedly warned Ripley’s not to do it.) Apparently, Noah is of the same mind. The Daily Show host blasted Ripley’s for making the call.

“They’re the ones who loaned the dress to Kim,” Noah said during Wednesday night’s episode. “Because Ripley’s owns the dress, they’re in charge of preserving it. So, if they told her it was okay to wear it, that’s on them.”

However, Noah didn’t let Kardashian entirely off the hook. Via The Wrap:

“The Marilyn Monroe dress is a one-of-a-kind piece of American history,” he said. “The Met Gala happens every year. People dress like hamburgers there. You could have worn anything else. Because if you are entrusted with a piece of American history, you better do everything you can to take care of it.”

That said, Noah admitted he could see himself falling victim to the same temptation. “If the Louvre called me and they said I could kiss the Mona Lisa for a selfie, I would do it and I would use tongue,” The Daily Show host joked at the end of the segment.

(via The Wrap)


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